Swivel Type Mud Gun

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Lowers Cost By:

  • Increasing nozzle life 10-20 times over mild steel.
  • Increases mud mixing pump life by preventing large increases in mixing gun volume which often causes cavitation.
  • The design of this nozzle makes it efficient than the sharp shoulder in a 3 to 1 reducer. This feature increases blending and agitation.

Fluid Systems designed the rubber nozzles to solve your pump problems more than to solve your mud nozzle problems. For many years, mud guns were used as the sole means of agitation. These devices usually carry mud from a downstream compartment and spray it into an upstream compartment to keep solids suspended. However, the true mixing effect of mud guns tends to be localized around the point where the nozzle may add 100-200 GPM of mud into the tank above and beyond the normal flow from the well.

Tank depth or dimension “A” should be specified. When mud guns are used as the primary agitation on a tank, we suggest that the mud gun be mounted in the middle of a 10′ x 10′ or smaller compartment. In larger compartments another mud gun should be added for every additional 10 feet.

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