50 bbl Cuttings Dryer – Solids Control System

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Tank 12 bbl Suction compartment & 38 bbl Solids removal compartment
Shakers 2 ea Series 500B4X-12 High-G Linear Motion Shakers
Screen Panels UltrafloMAX® Screen Technology API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant
Desanders 1 ea 10” hydrocyclone processing 500 GPM at 75 Ft of Head
Desilters 3 ea 4” hydrocyclones processing 75 GPM at 75 Ft of Head
Mud Agitator 1 ea 10 HP Mud Agitator
Pumps 2 ea 4 x 3 x 13 Model 250 with 30 HP Motors
Controls Centralized Power Disconnect and Control Panels Remote on top deck
Hazardous Location Class I Div 1 Explosion Proof
Features System factory ready “plug and play”
Overall Dimensions 25 ft L X 8.5 ft W x 8 ft H
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