FSI 10″ Desander Unit

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Fluid Systems Model 10” cone is the most advanced hydrocyclone in the field. FSI has designed this unit to achieve optimum performance. Even in the most challenging applications, each cone will process 500 GPM at 70ft of head.Fluid Systems high volume 10” involute feed desander cones are made from high wear resistant polyurethane. This unit is specifically designed to minimize turbulence and maximize tangential velocity. FSI cones focus on these two important factors significantly advancing cyclone

* Control mud weight by removing solids in un-weighted systems
* Made from high wear resistant polyurethane
* High capacity cone engineered to minimize plugging
* 511 GPM Each @ 75 FT of Head
* 40 to 100 Microns Separation
* Ramped Involute Inlet minimize turbulence
* Reduce mud loss with adjustable and interchangeable apex sizes
* Grooved feed and discharge connections

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