5111BLE Mud Cleaner

Introducing the High-Performance (HP) 8” hydrocyclone, our latest advancement in high efficiency, high capacity hydrocyclones for challenging desanding/desilting applications. Simulation results show a significant increase in efficiency by minimizing turbulence and maximizing residence time.

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Centrifugal Pumps

Need a replacement pump? Our belt driven packages arrive on a skid with pulleys, a drive belt, belt guard, mechanical seal, full impeller, explosion proof motor and fluid end. At 10 to 150 horsepower and varying sizes the centrifugal pump has the option to upgrade with a starter control!

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We develop systematically feasible processes or modify existing ones.

These processes convert available raw materials into a desired product which meets the performance criteria such as, minimum cost at maximum performance, energy efficiency and good operability with respect to flexibility, controllability, reliability, safety and environmental regulations.

“[Our] analysis proved without a shadow of a doubt that FSI was the better bargain by a margin of 37% in cost savings…This is further evidenced by the fact that one of our barge rigs, BR-300 (formerly BR-201), has had FSI equipment running without problems for the last nine years and our platform Rig 85 on the Chevron ‘Genesis’ Spar for the last eight years!”Lonnie E. Mills, Vice President at Nabors Offshore Drilling, Inc.