Fluid Systems equipment handles higher volumes,
finer cutpoint and difficult media applications.

We are comprised of engineers, designers, rig personnel and sales members who, along with our CEO Ben Hiltl, have been here from the start since 1980. As a pioneer in the creation of Linear Motion Shakers in the early 80’s, we initially began and specialized in the oil & gas industry but today can also been seen in the Mining and Environmental industries.

For over 30 years, we have been leading the oil & gas industry with innovative ideas.

From the beginning, we have pioneered our efforts in the petroleum industry and have maintained a strong influence in furthering solids control technology.

Initially starting out as a screen equipment supplier, we eventually developed a line of pretensioned screen panels. These panels provide longer lasting life, are resistant to wear and allow for the fastest screen change in operation at this time.

Linear Motion Shakers were conceptualized by our leading engineers, which are the principal type of shakers used on drilling rigs and numerous environmental applications today.

We Are Industry Innovators

We Are
The First

We are the first to introduce Linear Motion Shakers to the petroleum industry.

Varying Process Applications

Single, Dual, Triple, Quad and Five Panel Units for varying process applications.


Cascading Systems (Shaker-Over-Shaker) available to reduce footprint applications.

Also An
Industry Leader

We are the leader in pretensioned, long lasting screen panels for the petroleum industry.

Doing Our Part

  • We take pride in providing environmentally conscious products with a smaller footprint and creating solutions to process waste and other byproducts in the petroleum and environmental industry.

    Our line of Zero Discharge projects have led to improved systems and reduced costs in the Closed Loop drilling environment.

  • Much of this research, which has made drilling without reserve pits possible, was done before some of the current environmental regulations were in place and designed with the future in mind.

    When it comes to environmental waste we have, and will continue to be, a prime contractor for equipment processes to ensure the process is done right.

  • P5111 Mobile Classification System

Zero Discharge Equipment

Ben Hiltl,

President & CEO

Ben began his engineering career at Florida Institute of Technology where he graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and spent years honing his craft in various aerospace organizations.

Several years later he would co-found, and later go on to become, the President and CEO of Fluid Systems, Inc.

Throughout the next 30 years, he would develop a technique of linear motion shakers that would become a principal method in today’s environmental solutions as well as create a line of long-term reliable machines that require little maintenance.