One Lift Shaker System

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Price includes design of “skid” structure, load base calculations, load tested lifting eyes and engineered flow distribution. Skid will be designed to install three (3) Series 5111B4X high G-force linear motion shakers for easy rig up with customized effluent mud diverter built into base of skid, high volume mud gates to redirect flow from shaker compartment and mud ditch.

Customize design of feed box to uniformly distribute fluid to each shaker for maximum handling capacity and more effective solids separation.

A-36 mill certifiable carbon steel structure with MIG (Metal Inert Gas) certified welding process ( According AWS D1.1 welding specifications)

Price also includes engineering and design of retracting shale slide from the shakers which will incorporate the ability to report drilled solids to the cuttings injection system or the ability to bypass directly to the screw conveyor to transport the cuttings to disposal box.

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