FSI Complete Mud System

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Four (4) 500 bbl Active Tanks & two (2) 500 bbl Reserve Tanks

Mud-Gas Separator

“4 ft x 18 ft Mud-Gas Separator, H2S ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
Section VIII, Division I, Section IX”

Flow Divider

4-way flow divider with pneumatic valves

Shale Shakers

4 ea Series 5111BLE High-G Linear Motion Shakers in one-lift skid.

Mud Cleaner

“Three-in-One mud cleaner with 3 ea 10” Desander cones (1500 GPM) and 16 ea
4” High-Volume Desilter cones (1600 GPM)”

Vacuum Degasser

1200 GPM Vacuum Degasser with 7.5 HP Compressor


2 ea 6x8x14 100 HP XP Desander/Desilter
1 ea 6x8x14 100 HP XP Degasser
3 ea 6x8x14 125 HP XP Mixing
3 ea 6x8x14 100 HP XP Supercharging

Mud Agitators

22 ea 25 HP Mud Agitators

Mixing System

1 ea 6” Low Shear Mixing Hopper
2 ea 6” High Shear Mixing Hopper
1 ea Big Bag Handling System

Screen Panels

UltrafloMAX® Screen Technology API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant


System factory ready “plug and play”

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