High performance oil & gas shaker solutions

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With the oil & gas industry gearing back up – there’s never been a better time to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase performance. No matter where your drilling operations take you next, we have 40 years’ experience in customizing high-efficiency separation solutions to help drive exceptional returns. Faster than ever before.

Hi-E performance upgrade

The secret to an instant 40% shaker uplift

Increase capacity 40% and reduce OPEX spend by upgrading your shaker performance from 6-8G to 15G with Hi-E. This ground-breaking and patented new technology uses resonance from the shaker to amplify the G-force acting on the screen whilst maintaining the shaker’s original motion and structural integrity. A leap in performance from your OPEX that can be retrofitted to virtually any shaker – you’ll only find HI-E exclusively at FSI.

Upgrade to 15G

Shaker refurbishment service

Transform CAPEX to OPEX for better-than-new performance

Rig space is tight. The focus on margins have never been higher Our exclusive 14-day shaker refurbishment service helps you keep pace with modern drilling and optimize solids control by delivering as-new performance from your existing assets. Available on virtually any shaker, you’ll be investing from your OPEX and spend 50% less than you would on a brand-new unit. You can also choose to add Hi-E for a 15G upgrade capable of providing a 40% uplift in capacity for better-than-new performance at a fraction of the cost.

Refurbish your shaker

Shaker screens

Build stronger. Perform Better. Last Longer

Our range of US manufactured screens are proven to outlast the service life of competitor screens by 100%, as standard. Carefully designed with triple layer mesh and a folded structural grade high yield strength steel frame engineered to get you more for your investment. A range of screens are available now bringing you reliable day-to-day performance that lasts much longer to protect your investment – as standard.
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BARKEEPER™ Centrifugal separator

Streamline your barite recovery at 250GPM

Barite is a valuable commodity. The new BARKEEPER™ centrifugal separator helps you recover barite and high gravity solids to your active mud system for reuse. A combination of 250 GPM modules enables economical separation of mud into low-and high-density streams. This all-in-one centrifugal separator removes the need for up to three additional centrifuges, saving you valuable rig space while delivering superior rheological properties when compared to competitors.


FatBoy screens

Upgrade to our longest service life yet

If you’re looking to maximize the service life of your consumables, our FatBoy screens can’t be beaten. Proven in recent field trials to last between 200-300% longer than conventional screens, investing in our innovative new FatBoy screens brings you truly exceptional long-term returns.
Upgrade to FatBoy

The solids control choice for customized high efficiency separation solutions

Over the last 40 years, our relentless drive to pioneer technologies capable of dramatically improving solids control and drilling efficiencies has established FSI as the choice in solids control for operators looking to minimize costs.

Whether you want to increase capacity, reduce waste or maximize the lifespan of your consumables,FSI has got you covered.From first concept to on-the-ground implementation –we’ll collaborate closely with your team to design, engineer and manage the perfect customized solution to get you exactly where you want to be. Fast.

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