We are currently looking for a Risk Management Specialist

Risk Management Specialist – Develop risk management analysis of newly developed technologies, including parts & components, to ensure that all potential costs are accounted for, when estimating their potential for profitability. Study company’s new solids control & waste mgt. technologies being developed within the Oil & Gas industry & evaluate potential risks related to their launching at national & international levels. Develop systems to assess potential risk among several sectors of the business, at the national & global levels, such as financial, operational, and engineering (technological innovations), and work with different departments to ensure awareness, manage, & reduce risk. Develop models to evaluate profitability of the company`s assets, & risk related to maintaining assets that do not bring minimal expected return. Recommend plans of action to manage & reduce risk. Study & evaluate target markets at a global level to assess potential risks related to the differences of doing business internationally. Require: Master’s degree in Business Admn./International Business & 1 yr. of work experience in account management or risk analysis for solids control and waste management in the oil and gas drilling industry, and 12 hours of college level courses in International Business. FSI Holdings, LLC (dba Fluid Systems, Inc.) has 1 full-time position in Houston, TX.