We are current looking for a Screen Manufacturer (SM)

Type: Full time
Start Date: ASAP
Salary: TBD-depending on experience
Location: North Houston

Position Purpose:

The Screen Manufacturer (SM) performs activities related to manufacturing for Fluid Systems. Through experience and training, the SM must utilize the proper techniques and procedures developed by Engineering Management. By doing so, he / she will achieve the desired quality and productivity objectives.

Nature and Scope:
  • This position reports directly to the Shop Supervisor. Others reporting directly to the Shop Supervisor include shipping and receiving, quality and inventory personnel.
  • The incumbent(s) performs a myriad of manufacturing activities on an as-needed basis. He / she are required to:
    1. Understand the screen manufacturing process for each screen type and realize how their specific task adds to the overall quality
    2. Know how to safely use shop tools for welding, grinding, drilling, sawing, calendaring, pressing and boxing
    3. Understand and consistently practice the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
    4. Have the ability to perform repetitive motions for up to 10 hours daily
    5. Lift significant weight “intelligently” and safely through the use of machinery
    6. Stand for up to 10 hours daily in different positions
    7. Bend frequently to accommodate job function
  • The greatest challenge faced by the SM is to perform quality manufacturing activities for the myriad of screen types offered, in a safe and efficient manner, in semi-tolerable, shop / outdoor weather conditions.
Principle Accountabilities:
  1. Perform a myriad of duties as required to safely and efficiently manufacture FSI screens
  2. Understand how to read and interpret process flowcharts
  3. Perform ancillary duties at times to complete projects (clean, saw, grind, calendar, etc…)
  4. Set the example by performing his / her job in a safe and efficient manner
  5. Assist in any way possible to insure the timely processing of all products
  6. Assist in the development and training of subordinates to assure continued growth and improved performance
  7. Maintain an attitude that is conducive to cooperation among all subordinates
  8. Follow the quality example set by the Shop Foreman as it relates to appearance and performance to reflect a dedicated Fluid Systems company person