FLUID SYSTEMS, INC. (FSI) began operations in early 1979 doing developmental and engineering work on solids control equipment and mud handling systems used on drilling rigs. FSI’s Corporate Charter was issued on June 16, 1981.

The company has been involved in furthering solids control technology for the oil and mining industries since its inception. The first equipment introduced by the company was a line of mud cleaners (hydrocyclones mounted over vibratory screening equipment) which incorporated the use of linear motion in their design. In the early 1980’s, FSI was one of the first companies to introduce Linear Motion Shakers, which have become the principal type of shakers in use on drilling rigs and in many other applications today. FSI also developed a line of pretensioned screen panels, which provide superior life, are resistant to wear and allow for the fastest ‘screen change’ of any machine in operation at this time.

Another area in which the company has done a substantial amount of pioneering work is in "Zero Discharge" projects in environmentally sensitive areas. The developmental work accomplished in this area has led to improved systems as well as cost reductions in the "Closed Loop" drilling environment. Much of this work, which has made drilling without reserve pits possible, was done before some of the present environmental rules and regulations came into existence in the petroleum industry.

FSI’s product line covers an extensive list of applications from simple to sophisticated processes. The basic equipment produced serves standard applications, which are serviced by many of our competitors. More sophisticated equipment is specially engineered to handle higher volumes, finer cutpoints, and difficult media applications. These more sophisticated applications are serviced by only a few competitors. The process limits of FSI’s equipment are routinely being challenged by new requests from customers around the world.

Equipment innovations include side-mounted vibrators, Wedgelok™ fasteners and pretensioned screen panels – all of which are being incorporated by competitors today. Single Panel, Dual Panel, Triple Panel, Quad Panel, and Five Panel Units are all available for varying process applications. Cascading Systems (Shaker-Over-Shaker) are available for special applications where the footprint for installation is restricted. Dual-Feed Units are being used in applications where only triple-feed machines could handle the processing requirements heretofore. FSI’s engineering department is always looking forward to the next challenge, the next project and the next opportunity.

Petroleum Industry
The petroleum industry is where Fluid Systems, Inc. initially began supplying screening equipment. Following a humble start, FSI has become a major supplier to the offshore drilling industry. Both major and independent oil producers use FSI’s equipment to process drilling fluids and to ensure the recycled product is clean and free of cuttings and other contaminants. Drilling contractors around the world are upgrading their rigs with FSI’s equipment designs in order to meet the requirements of their clients. The original Series 500 Linear Motion Shaker was immediately a success – nicknamed "Roughneck Friendly" by rig supervisors. FSI provides equipment in two manners, for sale or as rental equipment.

Due to many government regulations, environmental concerns have become extremely important to oil producers and to other associated industries. Reducing volumes of solid and liquid discharges generated while drilling has provided FSI with a ready market for its equipment and technology.

Mining Industry
The mining industry has always utilized screening devices. In more recent years, linear vibration and fine screening has become more desirable by the gold mining companies. Coal, clay and phosphorous mining companies have found linear screens to be effective in processing their products. Iron Ore mining companies have recently begun to work with linear vibrating screens. Fluid Systems provides specially engineered products to many of the mining applications in the United States and overseas.


Process Industry
The process industry utilizes screening equipment in a variety of applications. Food processing, chemical, paper, sand, powder and other plants around the world all use screening equipment in their process circuits. FSI provides equipment to many process industry customers and is working with new applications to improve product quality and output. Look to Fluid Systems to introduce new models year after year for these customers.

Environmental Industry
The environmental industry is booming, especially in the United States. Concerns from the general public and governmental agencies have resulted in regulations and specific guidelines for handling waste and other byproducts. Fluid Systems acts as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor for equipment and systems for projects requiring these services.

FLUID SYSTEMS, INC. looks to the future with great anticipation. With a diversified marketing strategy, FSI is poised to succeed and prosper – given the continued acceptance of our customer base and new potential customers. For proven products and innovative engineering, contact Fluid Systems, Inc. at (800) 232-1804. International customers, please contact our International Agents for more information.

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