Fluid Systems, Inc.
Fluid Systems, Inc. (FSI) started working with energy companies in the exploration and production of oil & gas. Besides continuous growth in this industry FSI is now involved in novel energy projects which include biofuels and methane gas recovery.

FSI started off by supplying solids control equipment. Following that humble start, FSI has become a major supplier to the offshore drilling industry with operations around the world including the USA, UK, South America and Asia. Drilling contractors are upgrading their rigs with FSI’s equipment designs in order to meet the environmental requirements of their clients. The original Series 500 Linear Motion Shaker was immediately a success – nicknamed "Roughneck Friendly" by rig supervisors.

FSI now offers a complete line of solids control equipment, cuttings dryers, gas removal equipment, pumps, screw conveyors, mud agitators, mixing systems, flocculation and dewatering systems, mud systems and land/offshore containerized drilling rigs.


FSI has done a substantial amount of pioneering work with "Zero Discharge" projects in environmentally sensitive areas. The developmental work accomplished in this area has led to improved systems as well as cost reductions in the "Closed Loop" drilling environment. Much of this work, which has made drilling without reserve pits possible, was done before some of the present environmental rules and regulations came into existence in this industry.

Equipment innovations include side-mounted high-‘G’ vibrators, Wedgelok™ fasteners and pretensioned screen panels – all of which are being incorporated by competitors today. Single Panel, Dual Panel, Triple Panel, Quad Panel, and Five Panel Units are all available for varying process applications. Cascading Systems (Shaker-Over-Shaker) are available for special applications where the footprint for installation is restricted. FSI’s engineering department is always looking forward to the next challenge, the next project and the next opportunity.